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Does the immense power of the Liberian Presidency encourage blind loyalty?

One of the several, critical challenges facing our small nation of less than 4 million people is the awesome, all-embracing and far-reaching Power of a sitting, Liberian President. That power is clearly and rigidly defined by and enshrined in our Constitution within a unitary-structured ...

Can FGM be eliminated in Liberia? Sande Bush advocate call for Amendment, not abolition

President's Sirleaf proclaimation to end female circumcision in Liberia meets a swift rebuttal from award-winning photo journalist, James Fasuekoi

A Critique of ‘THE LIBERIAN DREAM’ – Collection of 50 Original Poems

I am honored that you have asked me, Pastor Abraham Conneh to review this great, memorable and historical piece of literary work of yours. I will always remember this task because I have not written a book apart from writing and editing news stories as a journalist. So, the assignment you gave me to publicly assess your work challenges me in a positive way and I will monster the courage to perform it, and eventually walk your pathway. Thank you so much for counting me.

Liberians in the Diaspora declare Alien and Nationality Law Unjust and Unconstitutional

On December 19, 2012, the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, Inc. (ULAA) published a Press Release under the signature of Mr. Emmanuel S. Wettee, ULAA Chairman on Dual Citizenship & also Chairman of the ULAA-sponsored, just-ended Conference on Pro-Dual Citizenship held in Washington, D. C., USA. The Release proclaims...

“Making The Case For Dual Citizenship In Liberia” A Rejoinder by Bai Gbala

Hon. Gbala brilliantly argues that “dual citizenship will, certainly, reinforce this condition (of fear and suspicion of and hostility towards the-now, foreign-educated, Liberian dual citizens, who live permanently in foreign countries) in the minds of the people that another special, privileged class of elites is or being created by law.”


The Voice of Liberia’s editor-in-chief earns masters in legal studies, returns home
Excelsior, MN/12/26/12-The editor-in-chief of The Voice of Liberia online web magazine Mr. Kai Toteh recently completed his Master of Legal Studies in the U.S. and has returned home to contribute his services to the war torn country.


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: “When will Justice Come?”

In fact Madam President, as much as we have tried to ignore, pretend, and camouflage that the lack of justice for the victims of the Liberian civil war is no longer a priority because of the peaceful strides that have been made since the cessation of the war in 2003, ... 


Liberia “Vision 2030” sets high hopes for the country. Can it live up to the hype?
From a historical perspective, Liberia has seen many visions come and go and with little to no tangible development achievements to show for it. While some past governments had managed modest achievements, others have failed miserably in terms of improving basic living conditions for a nation of less than four million people. Read more...

 The Darlington Pelenah’s Alleged “Armed Robbery” Case-A Political Witch-hunt or What?By: Kai Toteh and James Kokulo Fasuekoi
Since August 2012, we have been tracing the progress of the armed robbery case involving Liberian Journalist Darlington Pelenah who along with three other co-defendants is currently languishing in government’s custody in connection with an alleged “armed robbery” that reportedly took place on GSA Road in July involving $17,000.00 USD. Read more...

 Africans are challenged to resist wars and neocolonialism/By Kai Toteh ~ November 12, 2012: The emancipation of Africa from colonial rule was immediately trailed by dictatorial rules, which over the years proved to be a replica or even worse than colonialism. Read more... 

Good news Liberia: A peaceful march and a peaceful end: Congrats govt and CDC for Good political atmosphere in Liberia/By Kai Toteh|Nov. 8, 2012

There is nothing wrong to criticize where necessary, and there is nothing wrong to praise where necessary.  A couple of days ago, I criticized the government of Liberia for violation of Article 12, Chapter III Fundamental Rights, after I learned  government was insisting CDC cannot hold a Memorial march without  permission for its fallen comrades who were gunned down  on November 7, 2011. Read more... 

Diaspora-Based Liberian aspiring politicians and lawers fret over dual citizenship /Dual citizenship is nothing new to Liberians. Liberians have had dual citizenship from day one freed slaves landed on Liberian soil. Almost all Liberian government officials and their families were and are citizens of other countries, especially developed countries with U.S. at the top of the list. Read More


Could Liberia be at risk of another civil unrest? Did the small boy lie that there are rebels in Grand Gedeh?
If we could take a deeper and an analytical security look coupled with conspiracy theory into the little boy’s conclusion that there are rebels in Grand Gedeh, prevention would be prioritized over cure.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf a peace-maker or a warmonger? What is well known is that earlier in her career, she was a ranking cabinet member of the Tolbert Government (along with Florence Chenoweath, Lusinee Donzo, etc.) who was spared public execution..

 The case of U.S., Burkina Faso, Libya, France and Ivory Coast

By Thomas Kai Toteh|Oct. 16, 2012 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission may have knowingly or unknowingly ignored Articles 1, 2 and 12 of international law, state responsibility. They failed to include in the TRC report, a call for an investigation of states or say a word about the violation of Liberian sovereignty and the consequences that followed arising out of the conspiracy and involvement of states in the Liberian civil war. Read more




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