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Liberian Returnees face a new war at home
Locals harbored deep anger, suspicion and resentment against fellow Liberians now returning home having fled a cannibalistic war which caused the death of an estimated 300,000 people and ruined the entire country. They described exiled Liberians as “coward” and even questioned their patriotism for the country. There are also cases where some returnees have been verbally attacked and treated with utter disdain.

United Nations Mission in Liberia Honors Fallen Heroes
A solemn ceremony marking International UN Peacekeepers Day under the theme “Adapting to New Challenges” was held at the Headquarters of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), bringing together senior officials of the Liberian Government, the United Nations family, members of the Diplomatic Corps, non-governmental organizations and other partners.

Americo-Liberians: The 17th Tribe of Liberia - Part II
It is therefore safe to conclude that Americo-Liberians meet the definition of what constitutes a tribe. The Anglo-Saxon tribe of England and the Americo-Liberian tribe have several characteristics in common…

The 'Legality' of Boley's deportation vs. the "'Human Rights Violations' Aspect"
On Monday, May 20, 2013, while surfing the worldwide web, my attention was drawn to the eye-catching, introductory headline written in red thus, “The Voice of Liberia” Editor blasts Elder Gbala” and, directly under is the title of the story as indicated above, the subject of my Reply – “The ‘Legality’ of Boley’s deportation vs. the ‘Human Rights Violations’ Aspect” ....

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Photo: An officer of the Armed Forces of Liberia talks to a young man who is wanting to join the army during a recruitment exercise on April 23, 2013. UNMIL Photo/ Emmanuel Tobey

Americo-Liberians: The 17th Tribe of Liberia

For some time now, there has been this ongoing discourse at home and especially on the Liberian Listservs regarding tribalism and ethnicity; and there has been narrow usage and interpretation of both words. For example, an individual who supports another person from his/her tribe for whatever their reason may be is accused of being tribalistic.

Traditional beliefs and suspicion impede research in Liberia

 …the downside to this research is the lingering suspicion in the minds of some local villagers that the researcher is trying to “steal the secret knowledge” of this spiritual site. During one such interview session, comments were made by onlookers in the Glebo dialect (when they did not think that the researcher could understand what they were saying) to the effect of “He must be a witch (or wizard) who has seen something powerful in the Tulė rock, so now he is coming to us to discover its secrets.”

"The Voice of Liberia" Editor blasts Elder Gbala

It’s interesting though that while you accepted the “official reason” given by the USCIS regarding Boley’s unceremonious departure and/or deportation, inwardly; you knew his extradition to Liberia went beyond mere immigration violations as expressed in your note and attachment.

Rights Activists vow to end the culture of impunity in Liberia

Most of the speakers at the ceremony vowed that war criminals who are living in the US and Europe will eventually be booked no matter how long they will run or evade justice. Among panelists for day two were Alaric Tokpa … Mayor Tim Willson, was among U.S. officials who graced the event. 

“Notorious” Belle Yella Prison! What can Liberia do to preserve it for posterity?


In 1910 the Liberian Frontier Force (LFF) barracks and post stockade (jail) were constructed out of wood and mud materials made available locally. This was a large fort-like structure with several long rectangular buildings and a jail located in the center.

“What is Your Position in this Journey of Life?” A Special Tribute to Eminent Mydea Reeves-Karpeh

According to God’s plan, all of us are born into this world with a special mission. God equipped us with skills and talents to fulfill our assigned mission. Some of us are supposed to use our skills and talents to provide for the less fortunate among us, while others were selected to speak against injustice wherever they raise their ugly heads.

The Union of Liberian Organizations in the Americas (ULAA) is a toothless bulldog

The greatest obstacle Liberians face is not knowing how to reconcile our differences due to the bitter souvenirs of experiences since the days of JJ Roberts and the 14-year civil war.

The validity and significance of April 12, 1980 cannot be denied: reflections of a student of political thought & practice

After all of the Hala-Hala & Hoopla for and against Rejections/denunciations and demonstrations/ celebrations of the Rice Riot (April 14, 1979) and the historic coup d’etat (April 12, 1980), these two days and dates (April 12, & 14) came and gone with the Capital City and the Nation sailed through peacefully, without violence or confrontation

Sande article sparks reaction from US-TU Professor

1. Can a minor- say a 5 or 6 year old girl (or even a 10 or 12 year old for that matter) really make an informed choice on this matter of female circumcision, or is it something imposed on her by adult women, that she might later regret? There is a reason for the age of consent laws- people have to have a certain level of experience and maturity in order to make informed decisions.

Former Senatorial Candidate Opposes $20k pet Project in Grand Gedeh
The purpose of this communication is to enlighten my kinsmen about developments in Grand Gedeh County with the hope of forming a coalition of honest and sincere Krahn men and women in the struggle against what I described as “impostor syndrome” in our community.

Was President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the chosen one? When Johnson-Sirleaf won her first presidential election in 2005, we wrote this article and posed a biblical question: ARE YOU THE ONE WHO WAS TO COME? This was a time in our history when Liberians, having suffered and lost everything during long years of brutal rebel conflicts that killed nearly 300,000 people, prayed for a “Messiah” who would rescue the country,...

Former NEC Chair, Fromoyan lacks guts to handle the truth, says Bai Gbala

In his Rejoinder, rather than challenge the truth, logic, relevance and legality of my argument concerned with national, not personal, issues the Honorable James M. Fromayan chose to denigrate or demonize my personality (“Who is Bai M. Gbala, Sr.?) by false allegations. However,  there is not a single iota of validated evidence – names, dates, places, conditions, circumstances, etc., etc. - to connect  me to his vicious, false, guilt-by-association allegations, but rehash of traditional, ethnic/tribal Bigotry:...

Monrovia: A city far below a state’s capital

Liberia’s capital city, Monrovia was named after United States of America’s fifth President, James Monroe. Monrovia was envisioned by the settlers during the 1800s upon the onset of their arrival in their new found nation, Liberia.

Monrovia's Dangerous Intersections

Monrovia, the capital city of our Republic of Liberia, is the first point of contact by travelers to Liberia – tourists, business persons, diplomats, politicians, educators, entertainers, etc. Indeed, the city is or provides the proverbial “first impression” of the Republic.

Nvasekie Konneh launches Soul-searching Memoir: "The Land of My Father's Birth"

The celebration of the work of one of Liberia’s prolific writers, U.S. Navy personnel, Nvasekie Konneh, affectionately known as “Prof.” NNK, finally reached the twin cities of Minnesota March 09, 2013. Nvasekie Konneh’s new book titled: THE LAND OF MY FATHER'S BIRTH  is a memoir of the Liberian Civil War which basically chronicles the author’s struggles during the Liberian civil war..  

The Sande Bush: Advocate for Amendment, not Abolition, Part II       

As stated previously, it is altogether baffling that Mr. Bai Gbala would join some Liberians on the OLM listserv to write some nasty comments (we can’t mention here) about the Sande Bush but at the same time has the audacity to vehemently defend two of Liberia’s former warlords and their rebel factions against persistent allegations of civilians atrocities carried out in their controlled areas during the war.

Does the immense power of the Liberian Presidency encourage blind loyalty?

One of the several, critical challenges facing our small nation of less than 4 million people is the awesome, all-embracing and far-reaching Power of a sitting, Liberian President. That power is clearly and rigidly defined by and enshrined in our Constitution within a unitary-structured ...

Polygamy and female circumcision in today's society

Two Liberian experts evaluate polygamy and female circumcision and how it ties in with President Sirleaf declaration to end female genital multilation (FGM). 

Lessons learned: "How Tanzania Circumvented tribalism"
A Liberian expat shares his experience on tribalism during his time with the United Nations Mission in Tanzania.

Liberia's development progress has multiple public enemies

Corruption is Liberia's known public enemy. Bai Gbala explores other ills hampering development in this post-conflict nation.

Can FGM be eliminated in Liberia? Sande Bush advocate call for Amendment, not abolition 

President's Sirleaf proclaimation to end female circumcision in Liberia meets a swift rebuttal from award-winning photo journalist, James Fasuekoi

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